Perspectives: Black N’ White - Available now

Gain a new perspective on the world we live in.

Enjoy poetry written about the world we live in


In this collection, I took it upon myself to write from perspectives outside of my own. Creating characters of people in the world I see, telling their stories through my voice. These perspectives are not of my beliefs, however, I feel that to get a better understanding of people, we have to for a lack of a better term, put ourselves in their shoes. We often filter this world through our morality and in the process place our morals on others. We often fail to remember we don't see the world the same. We've got to be able to listen to one another. Perhaps this is me placing my morality on others, who knows.

So here we are again for another tour through the Museum of My Soul. I hope this book provides you with new Perspectives so you can see the world through new lenses.

Museum of My Soul
Poet D-Nice Keoma