About Me

D-Nice Keoma

Name: Dornel Phillips

Alias: D-Nice Keoma

Profession: Writer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Author,  Graphic Designer, Web designer, UX Designer, IT Professional.

Brief History: Museum of My Soul (M.o.M.S) was twelve years in the making. I first discovered I had a passion for poetry in university freshman year. After attending an event called "Diverse Expressions" I saw other students performing spoken word pieces.  From that moment on I was inspired and began my own writing journey. In 2008 in my dorm room, is where my poetry story began. It was long after sharing those first pieces with a friend I was encouraged to keep writing, I had potential. Fast forward 4 years later, it was with the encouragement of another friend that I took another step and that was into spoken word. The rest as they say was history.

After writing for years and sharing my poetry on social media, I had many asking me when I was going to write a book. I was intrigued by the idea but reluctant, it was an idea I keep in the back of my mind. In the years after university, I kept writing and performing, even joining a poetry collective briefly. Poetry became a permanent part of my identity and many came to know of me because of it. Poetry has been a catalyst for my other creative endeavours. I started fusing my melodic writing style with old R&B classics like "Distant Lovers". Wanting to stand out while on stage, I started creating my own custom tops and hats. I created a logo and each top design was uniquely me. Others were instantly intrigued and I felt I was on to something.

I took an unintended break for more than a year of no poetry-related activities. You know life gets in the way. At the end of 2019, it was time to end my hiatus, with a new decade approaching and life changes I'd gone through. This was the ideal time to writing a book. But what would be the theme? Over years people had grown to enjoy my poems on relationships, and after going through my own set of relationship ups and downs it seems the theme had decided itself. The working title for the first book was to be "The Time It Took" to loosely relate to the time it took for me to finally write a book. However, when going through my poems to find ones that fit the theme. I stumble upon an unfinished poem with the line "Museum of My Soul", it resonated and represented perfectly what the theme was about. I was after all granting other access into my life through this book. Each poem playing the part of an item and artifact of time in my life and relationships.

Purpose of the Site/Store: To conclude, 6 books and 8 months later, I created this site. Not only sell books and clothing but give greater insight into me. So I hope you're curious enough to purchase one of my products. I promise you, my work won't disappoint.