You Desreve

You don’t deserve the life you live
If you were my girl
The world you, I’d give
Love you for a lifetime
I’ll do seven
I’ll remain right here
I don’t need to go to heaven
Paradise, this is you
I wanna spend forever with you
Have a bunch of kids too
This is to
Show you how much I’d love to
To Love you
You got me feeling butterflies
Nothing but her flies across my thoughts
To describe you words are lost
And I’m still looking for the right ones
I write ones that tell a tale
Yet still too small in scale
To capture all the glory within your frame
You contain
You remain a lovely one
I’d love me one of your hugs
To touch your flesh
Hmm I’m dreaming
But if you were mine...
Won’t you gift me your time...
Won’t simply kiss me upon mine
If you were mine
I’d be ready, always on time